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The top 25:

1. Why Everyone Should Try Meditation ★

2. Fuck Your Comfort Zone 

3. A Deep Thought From The Universe 

4. Rise Above External Negativity 

5. Uniquely Genuine ★

6. Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated ★

7. It’s Already Yours 

8. The Unbelievable Power of a Belief 

9. How to Answer Any Question You’re Unsure About ★

10. The Four Levels Of Personal Development ★

11. The Greatest Kind of Leader 

12. Seven Steps to Figure Out What to Do with Your Life ★ 

13. How To Find Out What Others Think Of You 

14. Quarter-Life/Mid-Life Crisis, Explained 

15. Stranded Island Dilemma ★

16. 11 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life 

17. Everyone Has A Gift For The World 

18. What If You Got Everything You’ve Ever Wanted? 

19. How To Get Along With Strangers ★

20. Searching For Your Life’s Purpose 

21. Fixing Societal Misconceptions 

22. So, Let Me Get This Straight 

23. Innovative Ideas Are Crazy Before They’re Normal 

24. Knowledge is Power 

25. It’s Easy To Write People Off 


More goodness:

26. Be The Story 

27. Stay Open-Minded 

28. Exploitation Versus Liberation

29. Seven Books That Will Change Your Life

30. Pattern Based Problem Solving

31. How To Boost Creativity

32. Why Utopian Societies Haven’t Been Born — Yet

33. Visionary Leadership

34. On Finding Happiness

35. A Writer’s Journey

36. The Poverty Wiki

37. Inspiration Spotlight: William Kamkwamba

38. If We End Poverty, Who Will Do The Boring Jobs?

39. 126 Square Foot Tiny Home

40. The More, The Merrier

41. How to Fix Advertising

42. How to go Viral on the Internet Without Selling Your Soul

43. Empathy: Humanity’s Life Raft

44. How to Have a Monday You Will Never Forget 

45. Creating a New Reality

46. Unleashing Your Inner Creative Genius 

47. Let’s Talk About Selfishness

48. Life is Like Google Maps 

49. Set Window Goals

50. See the Other Side 

51. Big Government vs. Small Government

52. How To Inspire

53. A New Renaissance is Upon Us

54. The Pros and Cons of Being an Asshole

55. Is National Pride Childish?

56. What Can Star Athletes Teach Us About Life?

57. Super Gratitude

58. System Evolution

59. Goals

60. Where Does Fulfillment Come From?

61. How to Make the Internet Even More Awesome

62. What is Success?

63. Car Analogy to Relationships

64. All About The Word Slut 

65. Guidance

66. False Means to Fulfillment

67. Warped Social Norms

68. Chain Reaction

69. Terms of Service Agreement

70. The Road to Inner Peace

71. Who Am I? 

72. A Shift From Competition to Conscious Capitalism

73. Is There A Way To Determine When We Will Run Out Of Natural Resources?

74. The Truth About Raves

75. Roadmap to Success

76. Giving vs. Getting

77. STWFA Party

78. How I Motivate Myself to Create Positivity

79. A Tale of Two Cities, Part II

80. Keep Going

81. How to Generate Great Ideas 

82. Too Soon

83. Create Something

84. It’s Time To Dig Deep

85. Why Illegal Immigrants Are My Heroes

86. Moments of Awareness 

87. Perseverance

88. How To Open An Abundance Of Doors In Life

89. Ambition

90. Urban Garden

91. First World Problems

92. Philosophical Wisdom

93. Good Morning

94. Do Girls Always Like Bad Guys?

95. In the World I Envision 

96. My Top Fifty Inspirational Quotes

97. I Fit In Nowhere, I Fit In Everywhere

98. Addressing The Hidden Paradox Of Economic Inequality

99. Read This Before You Diss Michael Sam

100. 15 of My Philosophies of Life

101. No Boulder is Too Heavy

102. From A History Textbook, Circa 2150

103. The Best Creative Work

104. Courage

105. It’s All About The Atmosphere

106. No More Keeping Up with the Joneses

107. How to Discover Who is Not a Good Influence in Your Life

108. Less is More

109. If Both Choices Suck — Create a Third Option

110. Why I Want You to Steal My Startup Idea

111. Let’s Talk About Peace

112. Why I’m Walking Over 1,000 Miles

113. What’s Your Rocket Ship?


Other writings of mine from around the web:

114. Equity Crowdfunding to Disrupt U.S. Markets (via Centre for Social Innovation)

115. How to Let Go of the Past and Forgive (via MindBodyGreen)

116. What Do Likeable, Pleasant People Do Differently? (via Huffington Post)

117. Living In A House Made Out Of Mud Bricks (via Open Source Ecology)

118. The Obama Administration’s Handling of the Drug War (via Quora)

119. One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Fertilizer (via NationSwell)

120. Creative Business Models For Social Good (via GOOD)

121. The State of Global Food Production (via Project Free World)

122. Top Three Lessons Learned From Movies (via Lifehack)

123. Unconventional Thinking (via House of Genius)

124. The Social Circle Influence (via SoJo)

125. Frozen In Time (via Medium)


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