Community Incubator Discussion Group

Our modern society is stuck between a rock and a hard place: We’ve developed complex systems that have improved our quality of life in many ways, but we’ve also become so dependent upon them that we don’t know how to address the major problems that have arisen as side effects. 
We’ve got empty houses and lots, and people with nowhere to live.
We’ve got people who want to work, but can’t find any work to do.
We also have large numbers of employed people who secretly (or openly) despise their jobs; leading to depression, addiction, and a multitude of other problems that are tearing our collective social fabric apart at the seams. 
The worst part is: Nobody wants to take responsibility. 
All around the world, people are divided. We love to point fingers at other people, and blame them for all of the world’s problems, but we never look at ourselves. We can do better than this. Rather than waiting around (unreasonably) for a handful of politicians to fix all of the world’s problems for us, us global citizens can step up and harness our greatest innovative ideas, modern technology, and crowdfunding to begin implementing real solutions ourselves. 
Our modern technology is so advanced that it can eliminate jobs; yet at the same time, it is also advanced enough to provide us with our basic needs for a fraction of the cost. We can combine the best of modern technology with pre-industrial revolutionary self-sufficiency to create new lifestyles that have never existed before. 
The purpose of this group is to bring together those who are ready to create a new paradigm of living that works for everyone. 
In essence, a community incubator creates a financially sustainable way to develop underutilized land, unlock the entrepreneurial potential of a community, and create new social enterprises that add value to humanity. Imagine what would happen if the world’s greatest startup accelerator and eco-village were put into a blender. This is what we’re looking to create — and to help others replicate — in downtrodden areas all around the world. 
If we truly want the world to change, we’re going to have to do it ourselves. 

Crowdfunding For Cities from Jordan Phoenix

This group is for you if: 
- you are sick and tired of working (or searching) for a job in a field you have no passion for 
- you believe that life should not be about acquiring meaningless material possessions to try and impress other people 
- you don’t want to live someone else’s life for the next 50 years 
- you don’t want to go to your grave with your best ideas still stuck inside you 
This group is definitely for you if: 
- you want to be surrounded by like-minded people who believe that making a positive contribution to society is essential to your personal fulfillment 
- you want to set inspiring goals and collaborate with others to achieve them
- you want to overcome fears that have been holding you back for years of your life and eliminate them forever 
- you believe that a small group of dedicated people can shatter an outdated status quo and spark the creation of something greater than themselves 
If this is you, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. Sign up here.
Primary objective: For the next year, I’m going to be walking through three countries to recruit an all-star squad, in order to launch the very first community incubator into existence. Additionally, I’ll be documenting the best practices online so that others can replicate it and tailor it to their local regions.
Meetups by city:
Vancouver (BC) Community Incubator Meetup
Seattle Community Incubator Meetup
*Note: More cities to come. If you plan to start a Community Incubator Meetup in your local area, email me the link (jordan [at] projectfreeworld [dot] org) and I’ll post it here.